Hello friends,

The results of the primary have just come in, and unfortunately, I won’t have the privilege of being one of your At-Large members on the Montgomery County Council this term. 

I want to thank all of you for your support -- donating, volunteering on my campaign, and the countless other ways you’ve helped me on this journey. I’ve learned so much from this campaign and from all the people that I’ve met in MoCo, and none of this would have been possible without you.

While our campaign did not make it to the top 4, I am deeply humbled by the 18,051 voters who put their belief in me. As a first time candidate who was the youngest in a field of 33 Democrats, we came in 8th place!

I am forever grateful to my team. We accomplished a LOT. We earned the endorsements of Biden, Castro, SEIU Local 500, LGBTQ Dems, Run for Something, IMPACT, Desis for Progress & 553 volunteers. We had the 2nd most in-county donors; did not take donations from developers or corporations; and raised more than $200,000 from over 1,400 individual donors. 

We ran a campaign that was positive and affirming, both in our messaging and as part of our campaign culture. Most of all, during a moment in history when hate and bitterness rule the day, we lived the values of kindness, of generosity, of hope. We showed through our words and actions that a better future is possible and that we have the power to bring it to fruition. 

Even though this election didn’t have the result we were working towards, MoCo is still my home, and I’ll keep working to engage and empower those around me in other ways. I know I’ll continue to be inspired by all of you. I look forward to discovering what’s next.

In service and gratitude,